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Society of Editors Launches Hub on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Regional news chiefs will be offered help in recruiting journalists from diverse backgrounds under a new initiative by the Society of Editors.

The SoE’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub, which is operational today, will provide free advice, case studies and resources on diversity and inclusion in the media.

The creation of the hub was unveiled last June as part of a series of new measures aimed at increasing the Company’s commitment to diversity in journalism.

It will offer information and support related to training, recruitment, practical support, career progression and mentoring, as well as highlighting good practices and sharing practical initiatives that help to expand diversity in the media.

The SoE says the hub will be regularly updated with additional resources and aims to help journalists at every stage of their career – including recent graduates from diverse backgrounds wishing to start a career in journalism, with editors finding new ways to recruit more broadly and mid-career journalists from diverse backgrounds looking to move into leadership positions.

SoE Executive Director Dawn Alford, pictured, said: ‘For more than a year, the Society has been consulting with dozens of news media organizations and outside organizations to better understand the vital work that is taking place. pursues to ensure that UK newsrooms reflect the communities they serve. .

“The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub is an ongoing resource that will be regularly updated and will bring together information on areas such as training, scholarships and apprenticeships, recruitment and mid-career support.

“The goal is for the hub to evolve and grow as news media expand their representation. I would like to thank all those who gave of their time to advise the Society and who contributed to this important work.

The SoE launched a campaign to increase its commitment to industry diversity last year following the resignation of Ian Murray, Dawn’s predecessor.

Ian quit his role after forcefully rebutting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations of racism in the UK media, which were widely criticized by national and regional journalists.

Other features of the new hub include information about programs that aim to proactively support women, people of color, enhance disability inclusion efforts.

It will also highlight existing initiatives aimed at developing a better understanding of the specific experiences and needs of LGBTQ+ employees.

SoE Chairman Martin Breen said, “Our members recognize that it is essential that newsrooms reflect the diverse makeup of the audiences they seek to serve. Significant initiatives and work are underway to improve this representation but, as in all industries, there is always more to be done.

“The hub will not only highlight what organizations are doing to better ensure entry-level representation, but the important work that must continue to ensure talent is retained and journalists from diverse backgrounds are supported. throughout their careers and involved in the decision making process.”