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Stargirl’s Justice Society Is Superior To Black Adam’s

The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, which is playing in theaters now.

The Justice Society of America – DC’s Golden Age superhero team – has seen its profile rise recently. Both star girl live tv series and black adam film highlight its members. The JSA came before the better known Justice League of America and is often described as its forerunner. black adam using the Justice Society is a bit of a headache, considering how important the JLA is to the DC Cinematic Universe and the unnecessary complexities that a new group of heroes entails. star girlwho uses the JSA as their centerpiece, has a much better understanding of who and what they are.

star girl has a number of built-in benefits. A TV series can give a lot more time to individual characters than a feature film, for example, and black adam JSA must compete with star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the time they have. Stargirl is also set more or less in her own continuity – Earth-2, a tangential parallel universe in the Arrowverse – which gives her more room to breathe. But beyond that, star girl simply assembles his version of the team more carefully than black adam, and it shows.

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Stargirl’s JSA Feels Bigger Than Black Adam’s

Aldis Hodge as Hawkman

black adam hints at a larger and more diverse JSA, and yet it only shows four members: Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. They’re well-represented, yet their time seems extremely limited: forced to compete with The Rock’s Black Adam for the public’s attention. They’re also dramatically overlooked, and essentially appear as a warm-up act for the JLA, as implied by Superman’s post-credits appearance.

daughter of the stars, on the other hand, has much more screen time to develop the JSA, and indeed the series was created with its main heroine tasked with rebuilding society from the ground up. This allows a plethora of members to appear, including versions of Wildcat, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Hourman. They are also more developed and appear as heroes in their own right, rather than enemies to cast against Black Adam. And their universe allows them to take center stage without competing with Batman or Superman for attention.

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Stargirl’s JSA Has More Iconic Members Than Black Adam’s


In the same way, star girl offers a better look at some of the original members of the JSA, and in doing so, it offers a fuller exploration of the group’s comic book roots. The JSA is officially the first superhero team in comics, debuting in All Star Comics #3 (Gardner Fox, Everett E. Hibbard, Sheldon Moldoff, Bernard Baily, Sheldon Mayer, Howard Sherman, Bill O’Connor and Ben Flinton) since 1940.

black adam showcases two of the eight founding members, but simply doesn’t have room for more. star girl gives a number of them plenty of screen time, including Jay Garrick Flash and Alan Scott Green Lantern: the original versions of better-known later heroes. It provides a much better basis for the group than black adam can hope to match, and with the series focused on rebuilding the JSA, it gives these old school members a much stronger dramatic arc to boot.

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Stargirl’s JSA Bridges the Generation Gap Better Than Black Adam’s

Stargirl JSA Feature

black adam splits its JSA rump into older and younger members, with Cyclone and Atom Smasher playing new kids to Doctor Fate and Hawkman. It works pretty well as a subplot, but again, it just gives them some color as they grapple with the Teth-Adam issue. With daughter of the stars, the generation gap is an integral part of the drama. The titular character, Courtney Whitmore, becomes Starman’s heir apparent to the JSA in the series premiere.

Stargirl’s efforts to recreate the team involve newer, younger members inheriting the mantle of the now-deceased older JSA members. It also includes Pat Dugan, Starman’s original sidekick who serves as a reluctant mentor to the rebuilt team. It brings a lot of nuance and complexity to the division between older and younger heroes. Characters like Dugan must contend with lost friends and a world that has moved on, while Courtney and the young heroes grapple with the legacy they seek to revive. black adam can only correspond to this in the most superficial way.

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Stargirl’s JSA is better at resolving conflicts than Black Adam’s

Dr. Fate in full costume in Black Adam.

When it comes to being heroes, Stargirl’s The JSA is far more successful in resolving conflicts without massive loss of life and property. Part of that stems from off-screen reasons – a big-budget movie has more money for expensive CGI fights than a TV series – but the impression remains. The JSA in star girl Seek to avoid conflict whenever possible and fight only when other options have been exhausted.

In black adam, they are active catalysts for escalation: inadvertently aiding Ishmael’s plans to become Champion of Hell, and leading to a finale in which huge swathes of Kahndaq are leveled in the process. Again, this is largely a way of waiting for the audience – spectacle is far more important in a big-screen movie – but it leaves the JSA irresponsible at best and dangerous at worst.

With star girl have done a better job of introducing the JSA to a mainstream audience, black adam JSA is a harder sell for a spin-off franchise with the rather clunky way it was introduced. As such, Stargirl’s JSA better captures the spirit of the classic Golden Age.

New episodes of Stargirl premiere every Wednesday on The CW. Black Adam is currently playing in theaters.