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The American Horticultural Society (AHS) and National Partners Launch the 50 State Flower Garden Project

The American Horticultural Society (AHS), celebrating 100 years as the nation’s premier gardening organization, announces the 50 State Flowers project.

AHS is thrilled to be part of the 50 State Flower Garden Project during our 100th anniversary celebration year.

— Laura Dowling, AHS Board Member

ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA, May 19, 2022 / — The American Horticultural Society (AHS), celebrating 100 years as the nation’s premier gardening organization, announces a special collaboration with national partners to celebrate the beauty and diversity of America’s horticultural heritage and traditions. America. The project is designed to shine a light on the personal and inspiring stories of farmers, flower growers, gardeners, horticulturists and artisans who root us together in common ground and the pursuit of beauty. The project, titled The 50 State Flower Garden Project, also explores innovative themes and new trends in floriculture. “The 50 State Flower Garden Project, a modern take on what defines a state flower, is the perfect vehicle to help lift our spirits and remind us of our common ground during difficult times,” notes Jill Brooke, editor-in-chief of Flower Power Daily and overall project coordinator.

Objectives: At the heart of The 50 State Flower Garden Project is the idea of ​​expanding the definition of state flowers (last updated in the 1900s) to showcase the diversity of botanical varieties globally. nation and the stories – and people – behind them. The overarching goal is to highlight our shared roots in flowers through a combination of public displays, illustrative designs, exclusive products and media features – ultimately culminating in a modern flower garden representing each state based on flowers that actually grow there, beyond the legislation- obligatory varieties. By updating and modernizing our understanding of what defines a state’s most iconic flower, the project will bring new attention to the important role of flowers, gardens and horticulture in daily life and the roles that play in creating a healthy and sustainable future.

Public Engagement: To help identify specific flowers that evoke a sense of place and memories, state by state, the 50 State Flower Garden Project will incorporate public participation through multiple channels and formats: contests photography and garden design, social media engagement and interviews with people across the country. The goal of the project is to create a dialogue and invite expert specialist flower suppliers to individual garden enthusiasts about what best represents the beauty, individuality and spirit of each state via flowers. Additionally, the 50 State Flower Garden Project will focus on how we can all have a positive impact through flowers and gardening with specific tips, techniques and inspiration for both growing and arranging. flowers at home – whether tending to a simple urban window box, planting an enchanting cottage-style garden or cultivating a sprawling field of wildflowers.

Partners: AHS will serve as the nonprofit philanthropic partner for the 50 State Flower Garden Project, providing a national platform to communicate ideas and connect people, while spreading horticultural knowledge and expertise. Jill Brooke, former CNN reporter and current editor of Flower Power Daily, will act as the overall project coordinator. She will collect flower images and interview farmers and growers across the country, publishing these stories through a variety of media platforms. Camron King,

The CEO and Certified American Grown Flowers and Foliage Ambassador will connect flower growers with the 50 State Flower Garden Project team and also help source representative flower samples for each state. Michel Dehn Breault, CEO of Gibson & Dehn candles, develops personalized scents based on bouquets of flowers illustrating each state. Anna Weatherley, renowned designer of hand-painted porcelain, will create decorative plates inspired by these new iterations of state flowers. A portion of the proceeds from candle and china sales will be donated to AHS and organizations that support America’s flower farms.

Next Steps: Over the next few months, look for specific information about the 50 State Flower Garden Project, including interviews and stories about America’s flowers and farmers, to post to AHS (, Flower Power Daily (, and partner websites of the 50 State Flower Garden Project. Here, people will also find specific opportunities for public engagement, including photo and garden design contests as well as forums to solicit feedback on new state flower ideas. For more information on the project, contact Jill Brooke at

50 partners of the State Flower Garden Project:
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Quotes: “AHS is thrilled to be a part of the 50 State Flower Garden Project and we are thrilled that Jill has brought all of the partners together during AHS’ 100th anniversary year,” notes Laura Dowling, Board Member of AHS and former chief floral designer at the White House. “We look forward to exploring these important themes and working with our partners to highlight both American horticultural traditions and new innovations focused on environmental conservation and sustainable gardening practices,” he said. she continued.”

“We also try to create conversations and focus on what roots us,” says Michael Dehn Breault, CEO of Gibson & Dehn. “It’s an opportunity to bring people together and focus on discussions about the beauty of our communities that we all share.”

“As an immigrant from Hungary to this great country, I am grateful to be a part of this project and to donate to AHS and American flower growers,” says Anna Weatherley, who designed the White House Botanical themed “Magnolia”, handmade. – painted porcelain dinner for former First Lady Laura Bush.

“We are very excited to be part of The 50 State Flower Garden project,” said Camron King, CEO and Certified American Grown Ambassador. “Over the past five years, interest in agriculture and knowledge of the provenance of products has increased, as has interest in the provenance of flowers, foliage and plants. Many small flower and foliage farms have been started across the country. Whether these innovative farmers grow peonies in Alaska, dahlias in Michigan, marigolds in Texas, tulips in Virginia, exotic foliage in Florida, or poppies (and many other flowers) in California, America’s bounty in flowers and foliage cannot be celebrated enough. This project is a magnificent tribute to the beauty of our country.

“This is an exciting opportunity to champion American floriculture and local growers, state by state, who create inspiration and beauty for all of us,” concludes Jill Brooke, editor of Flower Power Daily.


ABOUT AHS: The American Horticultural Society (AHS), founded in 1922, is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to making America “a land of sustainable gardens, cultivated by a diverse population with a common passion for plants. Its mission is to share with all Americans the essential role of plants, gardens, and green spaces in creating healthy, livable communities and a sustainable planet. For more information about AHS or Historic River Farm, visit today.

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