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The Future of American Democracy: A Conversation with Andrew Yang

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
8 a.m. Registration
8:30 a.m. Program

Books will be available for purchase at the event and a book signing will take place after the program.

Andrew YangThe historic 2020 presidential campaign garnered surprisingly strong and diverse support across an established political landscape and lifted Asian Americans onto the national political stage. Today, Yang continues to call for bold and innovative strategies in the face of what he sees as a cascading series of problems in America’s antiquated institutions that impact not only job security and wealth inequality, but also on our very democratic systems. The failure to keep pace with technological change and other 21st century problems is jeopardizing American democracy, and Yang warns that “it’s up to us” to find solutions.

Join Asia Society Texas in welcoming Andrew Yang as he shares his experiences on the national stage, discusses insights inspired by leading thinkers, and highlights the urgency of stepping back to chart a new course for our democracy.

About the speaker

Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, non-profit leader, and former candidate for President and mayor of New York City. After being a corporate lawyer for five months, joining a few start-ups and even starting his own business, Andrew eventually became CEO of an education company that became #1 in the country. He then launched a national nonprofit entrepreneurship organization, Venture for America, which worked to empower thousands of young entrepreneurs to bring economic vibrancy to cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Birmingham, St. Louis and others across the country. Leading the organization to become a multimillion-dollar national charity, Andrew was named the Presidential Ambassador for Entrepreneurship by the White House during the Obama administration and a Champion of Change for his leadership.

After seeing the devastation that automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution were inflicting on the American workforce, Andrew decided to run for president in late 2017. Initially dubbed a “longer than long” candidate by The New York Times, Andrew’s popular support, known as the “Yang Gang”, propelled him through seven Democratic primary debates, passing and passing six senators, four governors, three congressmen, two mayors and one secretary.

With a vision to rewrite the rules of America’s economy through a “freedom dividend” of $1,000 a month for every American adult, Andrew’s movement around universal basic income and Cash Aid engaged over 3 million combined social media followers, raised nearly $40 million. in $35 average increments and become one of the most exciting stories of the 2020 race. According to CNN, Andrew Yang’s campaign “didn’t just make history… [it] undoubtedly put a considerable dent in the future as well.”

As an activist, Andrew turned his movement into a political reality, starting a nonprofit, Humanity Forward, which successfully lobbied Congress to bring billions of dollars in cash and stimulus checks to millions of Americans in need.

Andrew is the author of three books, including his latest, Before: Notes on the future of our democracy, outlining the problems of our broken system and a way forward to prevent the decline of American democracy. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife Evelyn and two boys, is an avid basketball player and host of a bi-weekly podcast, Cheeky.

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