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The glue that binds society together: human interaction is what will define workplaces after the pandemic

TORONTO, November 12, 2021 / CNW / – Almost two years after the start of a pandemic that saw millions of Canadians working from home, employers are increasingly recognizing the effects of isolation and are stepping up efforts to focus on human interaction in the workplace. This is the message of this year’s winners of the from Canada Top 100 Employers contest, announced this morning by Mediacorp Canada Inc.

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“The pandemic has reminded us that human interaction is largely the glue that binds society and the workforce,” says Richard yerema, editorial director of from Canada Top 100 Employers project at Mediacorp. “While it’s clear that much of the office work can now be done from home, good employers think more deeply about the negative social and health effects of isolation, especially mental health. “

“While we want to be careful talking about ‘silver liners’ of a pandemic that continues to take a devastating toll,” says Anthony meehan, editor at Mediacorp. “Employers are increasingly thinking about what working life looks like after the pandemic. The best organizations are changing their workplaces to emphasize benefits like human interaction and camaraderie that offsite employees don’t get from a regular regimen of Zoom meetings and chat apps.

In addition to discussing the future of work after the pandemic, many employers have stepped up efforts to support employees during the pandemic, ranging from increased mental health support to frequent communications from senior management, expanding health coverage for temporarily laid-off employees; and finding ways to improve the representation of Blacks, Aboriginals and People of Color (BIPOC). Employers on this year’s list have also been active in charitable projects closer to home, bringing their employees together and helping underprivileged residents of their communities who have often been least able to manage the public’s response to the call. pandemic.

Now in his 22sd annual edition, from Canada Top 100 Employers is an editorial competition that rewards employers with exceptional human resources programs and forward-thinking work policies. Mediacorp Employer Editors assess eight criteria, which have remained consistent since the start of the project: (1) Physical workplace; (2) Work and social atmosphere; (3) Health, financial and family benefits; (4) vacation and leave; (5) Communications with employees; (6) Performance management; (7) Training and skills development; and (8) Community participation. The editors publish detailed “selection reasons” for these criteria, providing transparency in the selection of winners and a catalog of best practices for employers and job seekers. Employers interested in next year’s competition can also apply online.

Founded in 1992, Mediacorp Canada Inc. is the largest publisher of employment periodicals in the country. Since 1999, the Torontobased editor managed the from Canada The Top 100 Employers Project, which includes 18 regional and special interest editorial contests that reach millions of Canadians each year through various magazine and newspaper partners, including The Globe and Mail. Mediacorp also operates, one of the from Canada the largest job search engines, which reach over two million job seekers each year and offer exclusive editorial reviews of the from Canada Top 100 Employers project. The company also publishes The Career Directory, now in its 29e year – a free online guide for recent college and university graduates looking for employers who hire candidates from their training.

The full list of the 2022 winners was unveiled this morning in a special magazine published in The Globe and Mail in print and online. The list of winners and the detailed reasons for each selection by our editors were also published today on the contest home page.

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