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The Justice Society is underway and Stargirl returns in DC’s ‘New Golden Age’

The Justice Society of America is back – not just in the next Black Adam moviebut also in the comics, as some of DC’s biggest heavyweights develop the team’s reintroduction to Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths for an ongoing series slated to debut in November (finally).

Ahead of releasing its full November solicitations, DC announced three new titles from writer Geoff Johns: one-shot The New Golden Age #1, limited series Stargirl: The Lost Children, and perhaps the most notable and most surprising and long awaited, a new JSA series in progress.

Justice Society of America Cover #1 by Mikel Janín (Image credit: DC)

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In the aftermath of Flashpoint Beyond, The New Golden Age #1 will “unlock the epic, secret history of DC heroism” by launching this new group of titles. The entire DC Universe timeline is in jeopardy, and somehow the Mime and Marionette characters are connected, as are Rip Hunter and the masters of timeas well as a mysterious character that DC has named Nostalgia.

“I’m happy to write these two titles, each of which focuses on celebrating and expanding the history (and far future) of heroism in the DC Universe, exploring heroes, villains and unseen adventures alongside those we all know and love,” Johns said in the announcement.

“Our goal is to delve into the overlooked corners of DC with this new group of titles, from the JSA to the Legion, and everyone who operates between them. This is the story of where superheroes come from, where they go and why they are still needed.”

The New Golden Age #1 will feature art by Steve Lieber, Jerry Ordway, and Diego Olortegui, with covers by Mikel Janín, Gary Frank, Todd Nauck, Michael Allred, David Talaski, and Dan Hipp. It goes on sale November 8.

Next on the list is Stargirl: The Lost Children, a six-issue limited series in which Golden Age teenage heroes disappear left and right, as Stargirl and Red Arrow discovered. These heroes are apparently targeted by the ominously named Childminder.

“There’s nothing I’m more grateful for than continuing my sister’s legacy with Stargirl. And doing it with Todd is a blessing as we showcase the secret golden age of DC’s teenage heroes in a fun mini-event,” Johns said.

Stargirl: The Lost Children #1 debuts November 8, with a series and main cover by Todd Nauck and variants by Crystal Kung and Mayo ‘Sen’ Naito. Check out a first look below.

Although Johns has written for DC for decades, it’s been a while since he’s worked on an ongoing series for the publisher. That said, his work has been hugely influential, especially when it comes to the Justice League of America.

Johns and David Goyer’s work on the ongoing 1999-2006 JSA, which featured work by Stephen Sadowski, Alan Davis and others, completely changed the fabric of the team created by editor Sheldon Mayer and the writer Gardner Fox in the 1940s. In Johns and Goyer’s run, Black Adam became a member of the team and shifted his overall role in the DC Universe from total villain to semi-antihero – at least for a while.

Now, Justice Society of America: The New Golden Age Part One will see a “long-lost” JSA hero enter the contemporary DCU with a dire warning about a mysterious enemy invading the team’s history, but it’s apparently too late. to do anything about it.

Justice Society of America Cover #1 by Jerry Ordway (Image credit: DC)

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…where is it? The newly formed JSA will have to defeat this villain, but there are many questions at stake that only Time Masters can answer.

“There will be familiar faces joining the team, like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, along with long-lost members, like Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez, and a new hero from the golden age hinted at for the first time at the end of Flashpoint Beyond. Mikel Janín is doing the work of his career on this,” Johns said in the announcement.

In addition to a screenplay by Johns, Justice Society of America will feature artwork by Janín. The first issue goes on sale November 22, with covers by Janín, Yanick Paquette, Joe Quinones, Jerry Ordway and Steve Lieber.

Look for DC’s full November 2022 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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