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The Justice Society of America Explained: Members, Origins and Powers

Members of the Justice Society of America play a huge role in black adam and have a variety of origins and powers. The superhero team, commonly referred to as the JSA, first appeared in DC’s All-Star Comics #3 in 1940 and featured the lineup of Doctor Fate, Hourman, The Spectre, Sandman, Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. The new trailer for black adam features the members featured in the film, but the team would change frequently over the many decades it would appear in the comics, rotating new and old members on a regular basis. The JSA actually predated the Justice League by two decades, billing themselves as DC’s first superhero team.


The JSA has also had several live-action iterations, appearing in a variety of different DC-themed shows over the years. In animated form, the JSA appeared in the Justice League series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold series, and the young justice series. The team has also been featured in DC’s direct-to-video animated films. Justice League: New Frontier and Justice Society: WWII. In live-action, the JSA has appeared on a number of different shows with different (and similar) members, including CW’s Smallville and Legends of tomorrowas well as the DC Universe series star girl. A common thread running through all of the early live appearances is that the JSA is a secret organization that has been around for a long time, emerging in the present day to help solve a specific problem.

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Black Adam’s involvement with the JSA didn’t happen until the late 90s in the pages of JSA where he fought against the group of superheroes before eventually joining their ranks and forming a close bond with Atom Smasher, whom he treats like the brother he never had. . Hawkman has strong ties to Black Adam, as their Egyptian roots are intertwined with very similar paths dating back to ancient times. Doctor Fate is one of the founding members of the JSA and also has an origin closely tied to Black Adam, especially the historical and geographical aspects of their origin. Cyclone is a newer member of the JSA with an origin that has no real connection to Black Adam in the comics. Below is an explanation of each of the JSA members in black adamincluding their origin and powers.

The Fate of Doctor Black Adam (Pierce Brosnan) Explained: Origins and Powers

Black Adam fans will love Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is a magic-based DC character who draws his power from Nabu, a cosmic being affiliated with the Lords of Order, one of the original disembodied entities that created the universe. Nabu was assigned to Earth, where he eventually assumed human form, becoming Nabu the Wise, serving as an advisor to Prince Khufu Kha-taar and an ally of Teth-Adam for a time before his “death”. In the early 1920s, Kent Nelson and his father discovered Nabu’s tomb, reviving the ancient mystical wizard, who accidentally killed Kent’s father in the process. Nabu took pity on Kent and decided to teach him the skills of a wizard for two decades, giving him the iconic Mystical Helm of Fate, Anubis Amulet and Cloak of Fate which help amplify Kent’s powers. as Doctor Fate. Later, Doctor Fate would become one of the founding members of the JSA.

Magic is the key element to Doctor Fate’s powers and he is said to be the most powerful magical character in the DC Universe. He is a master spellcaster with unlimited magic abilities, such as flight, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, etc. In addition to his abilities, Doctor Fate is also immortal, which makes him even more powerful among his peers. His helmet, the Helm of Fate, gives Doctor Fate another advantage, stripping him of all emotions and making him immune to magical attacks, though without the helm he still retains most of his magical abilities. Doctor Fate is played by Pierce Brosnan, best known for his run as James Bond before Daniel Craig.

Black Adam’s (Aldis Hodge) Hawkman explained: origins and powers

DC’s Hawkman has a complex and confusing origin that has been recreated over the years in various incarnations. His Golden Age origin is closely tied to both Black Adam and Doctor Fate, which could potentially be his origin in the black adam film. In this version, Hawkman is the reincarnated spirit of Prince Khufu Kha-taar, taking the form of present-day American archaeologist Carter Hall. Hall crafts his gravity belt, wings, helmet, boots, gauntlet, and Nth metal armor, which is derived from a crashed spaceship belonging to an alien race called the Thanagarians. The ship’s crash was prophesied by Nabu, the wizard who would later train Doctor Fate and imbue him with his magical powers, with Khufu and Teth-Adam (Black Adam’s first incarnation) investigating and harvesting the ship. Khufu (reincarnated as Carter Hall) assumed the mantle of Hawkman, later joining other DC heroes to form the JSA. In another version of his origin, he is an alien policeman from the planet Thanagar named Kator Hall, who crash-lands on Earth.

The Nth metal of the Thanagarian ship gave special abilities to those who used it, including the power to fly. Khufu melted metal and created several weapons and tools, including a battle gauntlet called the Claw of Horus, a powerful artifact from the DC Universe. Hawkman’s powers have many elements, the first of which has to do with his reincarnated spirit. As he is originally Prince Khufu, his spirit has been reincarnated many times, each new body gaining the experience and expertise of the last, making him a fearsome warrior with a multitude of weapons and skills. skills. When he becomes Carter Hall, he forges the Hawkman armor, helmet, and belt, which grants him the power of flight, as well as speed, vision, strength, and more. improved. Hawkman is played by Aldis Hodge, best known for his work in Leverage and The invisible Man.

Black Adam’s Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) explained: origins and powers

black adam atom breaker

black adamAtom Smasher, aka Albert Rothstein, is the godson of Golden Age Atom Al Pratt and grandson of Cyclotron, a reluctant hero who gained superhuman abilities after being experimented on by the villain. Ultra-Humanity. Cyclotron died defeating the villain after being manipulated into fighting The Atom, whom he inadvertently bestowed his powers on. Cyclotron’s daughter, Terri, also absorbed some of Cyclotron’s radiation, which in turn was transferred to her son, Albert, who would later begin his superhero career as Nuklon before moving on to Atom Smasher. , when he eventually joins the JSA and forms a lasting bond and friendship. with Black Adam.

Much like the other members of his bloodline, Atom Smasher has the ability to grow tall, with a comic book record of 60 feet, making him strong enough to take on a myriad of villains (and heroes). His super strength and ability to change his molecular structure make him a formidable member of the JSA, though he’s still susceptible to overpowered characters, such as Superman or Black Adam, who can take out Atom Smasher with a single blow. fist. In addition to his superpower, Atom Smasher is also an accomplished pilot and mechanic, often tasked with piloting the JSA’s jet, the Steel Eagle. Atom Smasher is played by Noah Centineo, best known for his work on Netflix To all the boys franchise.

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Explanation of the cyclone of Black Adam (Quintessa Swindell): origins and powers

cyclone black adam

Cyclone is the new character for the JSA members in black adamhaving made its first appearance in the pages of Justice Society of America #1 in 2006. The granddaughter of the DC original Red Tornado, Cyclone, aka Maxine Hunkel, grew up idolizing members of the JSA. At a young age, she was kidnapped by mad scientist TO Morrow (who created the second android Red Tornado) and injected with nanobytes of Red Tornado technology, which would not manifest until years later, showing that she had the ability to affect and create wind. Powerful. The talkative and dynamic Cyclone is invited to join the JSA when he opens his ranks to new heroes, becoming one of the newest (and youngest) members of the team.

Wind manipulation is the key power that Cyclone possesses, allowing her to create cyclones, whirlpools, tornadoes, and more, while also being able to project wind energy. She also has the ability to glide through air currents, which can be considered flight, but is slightly different. The Justice Society Cyclone can also deflect attacks with her wind power, summoning large bursts of air power to steer attacks away from her. Additionally, Cyclone can control wind anomalies and natural weather conditions using her powers, which will surely come in handy in black adam. Cyclone is played by Quintessa Swindell, best known for her work in trinkets and Processing.

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