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The Lexington Historical Society will open a new exhibit SEWING STORIES: TEXTILES IN CONVERSATION

On September 23, 2022, the Lexington Historical Society opens an innovative exhibit at its historic Buckman Tavern, Stitching Stories: Textiles in Conversation. A reception, free and open to all, will take place on September 23, 2022 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The exhibition runs until September 4, 2023 and will be open to the public daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The exhibition features a wide range of historical textiles, all from the Society’s permanent collection. Items include clothing ranging from the mid-18th century to the 1960s and touch on a wide variety of uses such as wedding dresses, uniforms and sportswear. Props such as pincushions, hats, fans and handbags will also be featured in the exhibit, leading curious visitors to discover parallels between their own lived experiences and those of yesteryear.

The exhibit is part of a new initiative, Contemporary Meets Colonial, which marks the first time the Society will integrate contemporary art into the period rooms of Buckman Tavern. Nine contemporary textile artists have been selected by a jury to show their work alongside pieces from the collection, creating conversations between old and new. The artists represented are: Merill Comeau, Carson Fox, Ania Gilmore, Sandra Golbert, Carolyn Halliday, Gyöngy Laky, nAdrienne Sloane, Kathryn Stanko and Darlene Wigton.

Carol S. Ward, Executive Director of the Society and curator of this exhibition, believes it is essential for a historic house museum to work with contemporary artists to breathe new life into its collection. By creating interesting juxtapositions for viewers to consider, Stitching Stories will appeal to a larger, more diverse audience and connect people to the story in an accessible way. As Ward states, “It has become increasingly clear that museums need to think outside the box and create meaning that is both historical and contemporary. That is why the Lexington Historical Society is proud to present this exhibit. purpose of the exhibition is to create a conversation between the historic site, the period rooms, the Society’s diverse textile collection and selections of contemporary textile arts.All are woven together, pun intended, to tell the rich history of Lexington then and now.

To learn more about the Stitching Stories: Textiles in Conversation exhibition and accompanying programs, please visit our website or call them at 781-862-1703.