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The New York Choral Society returns to live performances

The New York Choral Society has announced their return to live performance with “Love in Action”.

The April 2 performance will take place at the New York Society for Ethical Culture and it will be a concert of choral music that will bring together the work of eight contemporary American composers who explore universal themes of resilience, agency and love. . The evening will feature the Catalyst Quartet, soprano Chantal Freeman, mezzo-soprano Miastasha Gonzalez-Colón, tenor Bernard Holcomb and baritone Marcus DeLoach.

The concert features renditions of choral works created by American composers over the past 25 years, including Jake Runestad’s “The Hope of Loving”, Abbie Betinis’ “Bar xizam (Upward, I Rise)”, “Sure on This Shining Night” by Morten Lauridsen, “My Heart Be Brave” by Marques LA Garrett, “I Dream A World” by Rosephanye Powell, “Healing Heart” by Jacob Narverud and “There Will Be Rest” by Frank Ticheli. The concert will end with “Amazing Grace” by Jennifer Higdon.

In an official press release, music director David Hayes noted, “Over the past two years, the power of love in action has been everywhere. We have seen so much kindness, learned more about the community and witnessed the depth of perseverance, strength, patience and love,” he continues. “Even when joy seemed far away, it was always just around the corner. Throughout this time of sacrifice and loss, we continued to be filled with hope and love. We were all called to action – as frontline workers, giving voice to social injustices or simply caring for friends and neighbors.And in doing so, we have seen the power and grace of love in action. Let’s finally come together, let’s finally sing, and continue to find new ways to serve each other in the days ahead.” Hayes adds “There’s no better way to celebrate our return to the stage than with the voices of those who have worked tirelessly and fearlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are honored to share our stage with these heroes to celebrate the daily greatness of love in action and to celebrate the caring and resilient spirit of New York.