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The Sailors’ Society leads the way in cadet welfare

Next week, in a first for the industry, maritime charity Sailors’ Society is launching a series of global wellness and mental health conferences designed exclusively for maritime school students.

On August 3, more than 1,300 cadets from 21 maritime schools in India will participate in the first of four virtual events.

After a successful pilot in India in 2021, the conferences will explore the all-important subject of well-being and mental health as they embark on their careers at sea.

The events will focus on key and current issues facing cadets today, including crisis and diversity, and will draw on material from the Sailors’ pioneering wellness training and support program. Society.

The Sailors’ Society Welfare at Sea Schools conferences aim to ensure the welfare of cadets from the start of their careers.

Sailors’ Society CEO Sara Baade said: “Seafarers are the primary workers of the sea. They are on the front lines of international supply chains, supporting global economies. It is therefore essential that their well-being is taken care of from the start of their career.

“The content has been adapted to focus on key issues facing seafarers today, including the current crisis in Ukraine and the impact of the pandemic, as well as the issue of diversity, as many companies seek to ensure a diverse workforce.

“We are extremely grateful to our gold sponsors AM Nomikos and Inmarsat, bronze sponsors Fleet Management Ltd and our technical partner UK P&I Club for their support. The Sailors’ Society Wellness at Sea Maritime School Conferences are not just a first; they aim for proactive investment in young minds. These events recognize that today’s cadets are tomorrow’s workforce and future leaders.

Serving maritime schools in India, the Philippines, Greece and Africa, each conference will be regionally tailored and feature internationally renowned speakers.

The talks will be chaired by Johan Smith, Sailors’ Society Wellness Manager and head of the association’s Wellness at Sea programme.

Johan said: “Following engagement with several maritime schools in India as part of the Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea awareness campaign, it was clear that there was an appetite for a conference aimed at specifically to cadets. Our 2021 pilot event was a direct response to this.

“It was such a success that we are now replicating this model so that we can benefit many more cadets around the world.

“We hope these events will build on the findings gathered at the pilot conference and generate a wealth of analytical and subjective data to help shape future work in the field of wellbeing and mental health.”

Over 1,800 delegates registered for the 2021 pilot webinar which served 19 maritime schools.

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