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The Skate Society organizes a skate jam in Medina and puts the finishing touches on a new park

By Tom Rivers, Editor Published on April 3, 2022 at 9:55 am

Photo by Tom Rivers: The Luke Nelson Skatepark opened September 4th in Medina at Butts Park.

MEDINA – A group of volunteers who led the construction of a new $550,000 skate park in the medina are looking to put the finishing touches on the site.

This includes a mural that depicts the canal culvert. It will go over one of the skate park features that looks like the culvert.

Terri Nelson is the mother of the late Luke Nelson. The skatepark is named in his honor. Nelson met with the Medina Village Board last week and received permission to work with an artist on the mural, with DPW Superintendent Jason Watts giving his opinion on the type of paint.

Nelson also wants to have a park bench, a garden, and a display noting the project’s major donors.

Nelson first became involved with the site because she wanted a memorial bench for her son near the old skate park. But the idea mobilized the Medina Skate Society to push for a full site upgrade. The old skatepark was on a former tennis court. This surface had cracks and the equipment was becoming obsolete.

The Medina Skate Society has lined up nearly $550,000 to build the new venue at Butts Park. This includes $250,570 raised through local fundraisers and donations. This allowed the Skate Society to max out a $250,000 matching grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation.

The Skate Society also received $42,000 for an Environmental Impact Award grant from The Skatepark Project, formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation. The $42,000 is used for stormwater management and swales.

Nelson said the Skate Society is planning a skate jam on June 18 and the proceeds will go towards safety equipment – helmets and pads. The Company also wants to offer courses in skateboarding and the use of scooters.

A motorcycle race on July 16 will also support projects at the skate park, Nelson said.

She thanked the board and contributors who made the park possible.

“We’re just overwhelmed with all the support from the community,” she said.