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The Spanish Society of Rheumatology launches a video on juvenile dermatomyositis

Word inflammatory myopathies includes a group of diseases whose main feature is chronic muscle inflammation (long term), muscle weakness and pain. Eh systemic autoimmune disease Rare and sometimes very complex. among them is dermatitis It mainly affects the skin and striated muscle tissue.

“It is essential that those affected practice physical exercises to improve their strength and flexibility.”

Its manifestations are more frequent Between 30 and 50 years old But there is also a juvenile form in which it is necessary that the people affected “do physical exercise To improve strength and flexibility,” Dr. Henry Baldo Rheumatologist at the Infanta Leonor University Hospital (Madrid).

The term inflammatory myopathy covers a group of diseases characterized by chronic muscle inflammation, muscle weakness, and pain.

Make the disease visible to the population, as soon as Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) produced a video on Adolescent Dermatitis as part of the awareness campaign “Name the rheumatism”, and with National Association of Juvenile Dermatomyositis (Anadeyu).

symptoms and treatment

loss Symptoms The most characteristic features of dermatomyositis are Rashes (on the face, eyelids, knuckles, knees or elbows), as well as muscle pain or weakness (especially in the neck, shoulders and hips).

Its cause is unknown and in the case of juvenile dermatitis, the disease is highly variable on a spectrum ranging from light shapes (rarely affecting the daily life of the child) Very severe and disabling forms.

“In addition, other experts may be involved in these periodic checks to try to obtain the best possible prognosis for multidisciplinary care”

“The Follow-up by a rheumatologist It is necessary to monitor the course of the disease. In addition, during these periodic reviews, they may Involve other experts (dermatologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, psychologist, etc.) best forecast possible thanks to multidisciplinary care”, explains Dr. Calvo, who takes the opportunity to underline the role and importance of patient associations in this type of pathology.