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The UK Junior Water Prize is now online!

The UK Junior Water Prize challenges young people (15-20 years old) in the UK to take a fresh look at local and global water issues and develop a practical and innovative water research project that has the potential to improve the quality of life or the environment.

Climate change has impacted both the availability and quality of water due to various stressors including increasing frequency of extreme weather events, increasing demand for water amid scarcity water, increasing ocean acidification impacting marine life and industrial and agricultural pollution. . This national STEM competition aims to solve these environmental challenges and help students improve their ability to identify and understand local, national and global climate issues, conduct independent scientific research, write compelling academic papers, and present the results to industry experts.

The UK competition is organized by CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) and sponsored by the Environment Agency. The winner will automatically be entered as a finalist in the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition, organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute.

More than 38 international finalists will compete for the prize of $ 15,000 during World Water Week in Stockholm.

While in Sweden, the international finalists will participate in daily social, educational and cultural events. The exciting awards ceremony features inspiring speeches from distinguished members of the water community, an entertainment program and the famous “Parade of Flags”.

Applications are open until 04 February 2022.

For more information and to apply, visit the rewards page.