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Top 5 company management applications that lead us to active modernization

Posted on January 12, 2022

Modernization can be an important step towards the digital transformation of company management applications. Integrating legacy applications is not always easy and efficient, but certain technologies can now make this process much faster and more reliable. Digital technologies are changing the way the world works, including the management of private companies. Internet devices and services are now becoming affordable, and the trend is accelerating growth at an unprecedented rate, leading us to aggressive modernization. Managing these companies can be a daunting and daunting task for administrative committees and residents, but company management applications can go a long way in keeping building companies running smoothly and increasing efficiency while reducing the load. committee work and human resources through the inventory. artistic technologies. Here is a list of advanced social management apps you should be looking for.


ADDA is one of the leading online apartment and housing company management software with a private portal for apartment complex members, best in class management tools and 100% compliant accounting software with integration online payment gateway. Society members can access everything about the ADDA app without leaving their homes thanks to its amazing and useful features. Through ADDA, pooled funds can be collected to pay suppliers for the maintenance or construction of new infrastructure, pay taxes, manage internal and external disputes. Its GateKeeper feature, which allows contactless visitor entry, has reduced contact between visitors and security guards in residential communities by up to 80%. Apart from this, the app has many other features which are beneficial for residents and closed communities.

A society

Onesociety is a global solution for the management of residential complexes and the maintenance of a comfortable living environment. Some of the features offered by Onesociety to government officials include automatic billing, sophisticated accounting packages, and complaint handling. The onesociety software application allows you to create invoices manually at the end of each month. With the help of onesociety, you can automate the process of creating invoices and sending them to the appropriate members without manual intervention. It has an integrated social accounting module for housing built in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Company Charter. Some features for community members include billing and payment notifications, online bill payment capabilities, digital bulletin boards, and more.

Maxx Company

Society Maxx is a comprehensive closed community management software that was primarily designed for start-ups, small businesses, and agencies, but with new advancements in technology they are unable to serve corporations. With a simple and clean interface, this Society Maxx apartment management software provides an end-to-end solution for Windows operating systems. This apartment management software application is useful for social management, community collaboration, security and simple billing and accounting. The app is also useful for sending payment reminders, managing help desk, managing vendors, and tracking income and expenses.

Company Run

SocietyRun is a web-based community management solution for urban, commercial and residential communities. We provide solutions for smart co-ops, provide comprehensive services for co-ops, and specialize in advanced billing and accounting services for co-ops. Some of the features of this community management solution are payment gateway, email / SMS, accounting reports, community sharing, house management, etc.

Company and more

Society & More (SNM) is an online community management and community accounting solution that co-ops can use to effectively manage the affairs of the company. Their online technology contributes to a green society by improving the efficiency and transparency of social governance and promoting paperless social governance. Billing software can also take into account the types of service billing setups that different companies may need, and these accounts are automated to minimize accounting efforts. Automated accounting software that makes it easy to scan complete ledgers.