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Vegan Society files complaint after This Morning misinformed plant milk

The Vegan Society complained to ITV following a vegetable milk taste test segment on a daytime TV show This morning.

During the taste test function, hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were given dairy, lactose-free and plant-based milks including soy, almonds, hazelnuts, oats, coconut, peas and potatoes.

As they sampled the milks, consumer journalist Alice Beer listed both the environmental pros and cons associated with each drink.

Among critics, almond and soy milk were lambasted for using water and deforestation to grow soy crops, respectively.

What about dairy products?

But according to the Vegan Society, the vast amounts of land and water needed to raise dairy cows, including the feed provided by soy crops, were not mentioned.

As a result, the Vegan Society contacted ITV to raise concerns about the feature, saying the program offered an “imbalance of information”.

He added that dairy milk was “emerging favourably, not even mentioning the industry’s undeniable impact on global warming and on the Earth’s resources.”

The Society also noted that Alice said children and teenagers should not substitute cow’s milk with plant-based milks “because they will be lacking in essential nutrients.”

However, it is said that from the age of one, “fortified plant-based alternatives to milk can be used as the main milk drink”, quoting the British Dietetic Association which states: “Plant-based diets can support healthy living at all ages and at all stages of life. .”

“Irresponsible” segment on This morning

The Vegan Society’s head of campaigns, policy and research, Claire Ogley, addressed the segment in a statement.

She said: “Particularly in the face of climate change, which is already having a devastating impact on communities around the world, it is irresponsible to omit any mention of the high impact of milk production on the environment.

“It is also misleading for a journalist to make a claim about the health impact of alternative dairy milks in childhood, which is contrary to the advice of expert dietitians.

“Fortified plant milks are safe for anyone over the age of one as part of a well-planned diet that meets all of our nutritional needs.

“Reliable information on how a plant-based diet can meet the nutritional needs of children and adolescents can be found at The vegan society website.”

The charity says it has not yet received a response from ITV regarding the complaint.

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