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Vice Society hackers release 500GB of stolen Los Angeles School District data on the dark web • TechCrunch

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Oc-flippin-tober? You must be laughing at us. It is a sobering experience, however, to see the who-ber year pass like this! Hmm.

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TechCrunch’s top 3

  • Now it’s out: Hackers have released a lot of data – about 500GB – that they stole during the Los Angeles Unified School District ransomware attack, Carly writing. This includes certain personal identification information, financial reports and health data. Ugh.
  • Someone was not “following”: And that someone was Kim Kardashian, who settled with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for $1.26 million after she was found to be breaking rules regarding disclosing the receipt of a payment in exchange for promoting cryptocurrency. Darrell see you. Meanwhile, Anita and Dominique-Madori join in explaining why it’s okay not to defend Kardashian, specifically, as they said, “EthereumMax was an unknown token that was worth next to nothing before she talked about it on Instagram.”
  • Name change: Amazon now has a dedicated portal for its affordable shopping options called Amazon Access which includes features like layaway and coupons, Aisha reports.

Startups and VCs

Listen, we know we usually focus on content here, but this week two stories from our subscription site, TechCrunch+, caught our eye.

Ron and alexander observed that at the start of 2022, it looked like it would be a bumper year for SaaS M&A. It doesn’t really seem to have happened. With a lot of thought and some theories, they ask why aren’t we seeing more aggressive SaaS M&As?

Meanwhile, Beca notes that venture capital has had a roller coaster ride this year. The theme is similar; 2022 began to ride the strongest wave of venture capital deployment ever, just before the stock market crashed and took venture capital with it. She grabs her crystal ball and admits that while it’s unclear what will happen in VC in Q4, it certainly won’t be boring.

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On the rest of the site, we have these nuggets for you:

3 FinOps Guiding Principles That Will Help You Explain Cloud Costs to the Board

Picture credits: Kennett Brandt / 500px (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

Cloud financial management, or simply “FinOps”, uses cross-functional teamwork between finance, engineering, and product teams to help organizations make better use of their resources.

“Knowing the economics of your cloud unit is essential to creating an explainable and transparent model of your cloud costs,” writes Liran Grinberg, co-founder of Team8.

“Development teams need to face the music and start being financially responsible for the infrastructure and services they use. Meanwhile, CFOs and CTOs need to be prepared to answer some tough questions when meetings of the board of directors.

Three others from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech inc.

Prosus has decided not to move forward with its $4.7 billion acquisition of BillDesk, pot holder reports. Just a month after receiving the green light from India’s antitrust body, the company cites “certain conditions” that have not been met as to why the deal is not happening.

Meanwhile, TikTok is looking for a few good partners to help launch its live shopping offer in the US, Ivan writing.

And we have five more for you: