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Vivekanand Education Society Launches Website Management Course

The Vivekanand Education Society College of Arts, Science and Commerce (autonomous) has launched a course called RebelCorp Website Management Program (RCWMP). It will provide students with website management skills. The university has partnered with a digital construction company, RebelCorp Academy, to launch the course. The course is an additional credit/certificate program for students enrolling at the institute.

According to the institute, the program will include the creation and promotion of websites and e-commerce products, familiarization of students with the use of customer relationship management techniques on websites, the use of social media for businesses and using automated and advanced data-driven features on the Rebelcorp Platform. .

“Students who choose and complete this course will be able to create and manage websites on the RebelCorp platform, optimize data analysis, effectively use social media and other marketing tools , as well as getting a refresher on Microsoft Office applications.The course is designed to reinforce already existing academic credits for the newly launched stand-alone courses of BCom (finance), BCom (e-commerce), BBA, BSc (science of data and data analysis),” the institute said.

Meanwhile, the institute has also launched three stand-alone courses – BCom in Finance and E-Business and Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. The courses aim to prepare students for jobs and to imbibe an entrepreneurial spirit. The PG Diploma course aims to provide structured learning and specified skill development in the field.

The course is intended to provide students who wish to work in a variety of professions within the financial industry with technical and theoretical expertise. After earning this degree, students can apply for high-level positions such as financial analysts and risk and investment specialists. Marketing, digital marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, pricing and analytics are the main topics of the BCom e-commerce course. It also aims to help students develop skills in management, administration, administration and law.

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