Society diversity

Webinars: Driving Social Mobility Change in the Profession

People from working class backgrounds are underrepresented in the legal profession, even more so at higher levels.

Now President of the Law Society, Stephanie joins discussions with expert speakers on how we can remove barriers to entry and progression, and advance social mobility in the legal profession.

Driving social mobility change in the profession

In partnership with the Bridge Group, our panel explores the socio-economic diversity of the profession, examining who is entering and who is progressing, as well as possible solutions and initiatives to boost social mobility and support aspiring lawyers from socio-economic backgrounds. disadvantaged.

Social mobility data

Collecting data on the socio-economic background of your employees and potential recruits is a fundamental step in developing an action plan to improve the socio-economic diversity of your workforce. But from many conversations with organizations, we know that socio-economic background can be a complex characteristic to capture, and many seek to use a consistent measure.

This one-hour webinar will walk you through how to measure social mobility in your company and what are the best questions to ask employees before developing your diversity and inclusion strategy.

The session includes:

  • a personal account from Law Society President I. Stephanie Boyce on why social mobility is important to her
  • an in-depth analysis of data from Paula Kemp, head of employer engagement at the Social Mobility Commission
  • panel discussion with Tom Heys, Lewis Silkin LLP and Tim Smith, BCLP