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What does the symbol of the inverted triangle mean in contemporary society?

The inverted triangle symbol, or the inverted triangle symbol, serves different purposes globally. Groups and organizations that have or use it deploy various forms of the triangle for their purposes. These shapes have varying thicknesses on the sides with unique meanings. But today, most people look at it with suspicion or distrust of what groups and organizations used it for back then.

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The inverted triangle symbol. Photo: @mikael_seegen,
Source: UGC

What does a descending triangle mean? It has different meanings depending on where, when and how individuals or groups use it. For example, for math and physics problems, it is used as a vector differentiator operator and as a symbol when calculating the pressure of substances. But at the time of the German N*zi, it was used to differentiate between prisoners.

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What is an inverted triangle called?

The reversed symbol also means nabla. It comes from a semblance of a standing harp or an inverted letter of the Greek delta alphabet.

It can mean an unstable triangular system, not necessarily an equilateral triangle that collapses or tilts when placed on its vertices. As it does not rest on its base, it becomes impossible to stand.

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Previous uses of the inverted triangle symbol

Interestingly, the N*zis, during World War II, used the inverted triangle to classify prisoners. The shapes were sewn into their uniforms in the concentration camps in various colors of upside-down triangle insignia to identify inmates based on their crimes.

Apparently, criminals wore green triangles, while political prisoners such as communists, social democrats and trade unions were required to wear an upside-down red triangle.

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upside down triangle
Photo: Moritz Mentges,
Source: UGC

What does an upside down triangle tattoo mean?

The meaning of the inverted triangle symbol tattoo can vary from one group of people to another. For a long time, some have used the shape to represent the shape of the female reproductive organ or femininity. But today it can be identified as a symbol of gay pride. However, the sign can usually symbolize femininity, strength, and positivity.

When it comes to a pink or purple triangle tattoo, it signifies that the wearer is gay or supports the LGBTQ movement. Previously, those who identified with this movement secretly used this particular tattoo when the laws were still hostile to homosexuals and gay rights. But with the world becoming more tolerant of gay rights, people are showing them openly.

Contemporary uses of the inverted triangle

People use the inverted triangle in different ways to mean different things. Some of them are discussed below:

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Inverted triangle of power

The inverted triangle symbolizes a system of government where power belongs to the people. The unstable system may exhibit a type of formation where power does not conventionally flow from top to bottom but from bottom to top. In this case, the people are perceived as more powerful than the rulers who need their support to govern.

The people act as the support of the unstable triangle of power and support the rulers when they do the right things. However, once the leader gets it wrong, they immediately withdraw their support, causing the leadership triangle to collapse or reverse.

Upside down triangle in market and health

An upside-down red triangle in markets and trading represents a falling price or downtrend in stocks. This is more pronounced in gold trading and stock markets. A red is also used in countries like India, Ghana, Egypt, and Thailand to represent family planning, health, and contraceptive services.

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Meaning of the upside-down triangle symbol in driving

upside down triangle symbol
Photo: @luismisanchez,
Source: UGC

When the inverted triangle is displayed on the road as a traffic sign, it means to yield to other road users. This means that when in a particular lane, the driver facing the inverted triangle must yield to oncoming road users. However, when the inverted triangle symbol appears in a truck, it serves to warn road users that the vehicle it appears on is a slow-moving vehicle.

Political significance

In the United States of America, the inverted triangle can also mean an opponent of the left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political movement known as Antifa. Waving this triangle upside down will always be understood or interpreted as anti-Antifa.

The downward inverted triangle symbol can mean several things, depending on the situation and where it is displayed. The count is many, from the purposes of caution in driving and traffic control to its use in mathematics. Today, the meaning of the symbol may have changed, but its use is unlimited.

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