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Workforce diversity: the greatest asset for business and society

Provided by Prince William County

The New Frontier webinar series explores the investment and growth opportunities unfolding in Prince William County, Virginia through key government initiatives such as small area planning, mixed-use zoning, reinvestment , workforce development and more. We will be placing particular emphasis on eastern Prince William County, where most of these initiatives are underway to create new opportunities and revitalize the economy for the 21st century and beyond.

When: May 13 from 1:00 p.m., Workforce diversity: the greatest asset for business and society

Description of the webinar:

Workforce diversity has long been a stated goal of national policy and corporate America, but a sense of never reaching the goal permeates our social and business environments every day. Diversity takes many forms: race, gender, age, experiences, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity, language, etc. It’s no surprise that organizations that embrace diversity perform significantly better than their peers according to multiple studies. What is surprising is the lack of diversity in the executive and managerial ranks of large and small companies. What are the benefits of a diverse workforce for individuals and businesses? Why do barriers to diversity persist?

  • How do companies benefit from diversity?
  • Why is diversity hard to achieve?
  • What are conscious and unconscious biases and how do we recognize them?
  • What are the tools, models and best practices for embracing diversity?
  • What are the barriers to diversity and how do you overcome them?
  • What are some notable successes of companies embracing diversity and what lessons can we learn from them?


Who should be present: Employers, Human Resources Professionals, Developers, Investors, Citizens, Realtors, Planners, and Those Interested in the Future in Prince William County, Virginia.

Cost: Free.

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Registration for the webinar is mandatory and limited.